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We're changing how the world uses energy

Our technology helps decarbonize energy-intensive industries to make every watt of energy worthwhile.

Mission driven

Impacting climate change at scale

By developing technology to accelerate the decarbonization and electrification of energy-intensive industries like transport, buildings, and agriculture which are responsible for over half of emissions, we are providing a path for companies and the world to reach net zero.


Accelerating change

Turntide is accelerating humanity’s move to 100% clean energy by helping these industries transform how their mechanical systems use and store energy.

Electrified Vehicles

Our transport team has developed end-to-end electrification solutions to help commercial and industrial equipment manufacturers optimize the efficiency, safety, and performance of their vehicles.

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Our team of HVAC and controls experts are helping commercial buildings lower energy consumption and improve operational efficiency with our Smart Motor System.TM


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Our agriculture team is optimizing animal well-being and driving sustainability for farms worldwide with an intelligent barn system, DairyBOS.


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Key company milestones

Driving innovation with award-winning technology

Turntide Technologies
Sustainability Report 2023

Turntide has signed The Climate Pledge, committing to measure our greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net zero by 2040. Here is our first report on the efforts and progress made to date.

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