About Turntide

The Silicon Valley based Turntide Technologies is setting a new standard of efficiency, reliability, and intelligence with the Turntide Smart Motor System. Turntide combines modern computing and software control with the proven reliability of switched reluctance motor technology to achieve an unprecedented optimal efficiency. The patented Turntide Smart Motor System only uses energy when it is needed, thereby significantly reducing space conditioning and refrigeration energy costs. A fully programmable IoT controls package facilitates maintenance savings and easy integration with existing building systems.

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“We believe in a future where any system that consumes power is optimized to its potential. Our ultimate mission is to replace all electric motors with optimal motor systems so every watt is worthwhile for humanity.”



Turntide is on a mission to make the world’s most reliable, efficient and intelligent motor. From the beginning, we have set audacious goals, struggled well, learned from our failures, and achieved great milestones.

We are excited about what’s on the horizon:

  • Accomplishing more ambitious goals
  • Taking the long-term view
  • Empowering our customers, employees, and partners to flourish
  • Significantly enhancing the state of any system that utilizes motors



Motor technology is on the cusp of total transformation. To deliver the greatest value, exponential innovation requires a systematic approach and a collaborative ecosystem. We’re building this ecosystem by gathering visionary customers and strategic partners who see the industry-changing, sustainability-raising potential of our next-generation motors.

The Turntide ecosystem of customers and partners includes:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Commercial building owners and operators across multiple sectors including retail, office, biomedical facilities, and restaurants
  • HVACR contractors
  • Utilities and Energy Service Companies (ESCO)
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