The New Status Quo: How Agile OEM's Will Revolutionize Their Industries - Turntide Technologies

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The New Status Quo: How Agile OEM’s Will Revolutionize Their Industries



The world is changing, and OEMs can’t afford to stand still. As businesses face more intense pressure to evolve their operations, equipment manufacturers must meet the challenge and enable their transformation. In this new climate, more agile OEMs will boost their own revenue while capturing a larger share of their market.

Today, businesses value equipment suppliers that can cut their energy consumption, provide internet of things (IoT) integration, and reduce their operational risk. In short, businesses are no longer satisfied with buying and replacing dumb machines at sporadic intervals. Instead, they’re hungry for long-term solutions that challenge the status quo and elevate their value for both customers and other stakeholders

During this webinar, Turntide’s Alfonso Rueda and Troy Goldschmidt will explore Turntide for Strategic Machines™, our full-stack solution for OEMs. By enhancing a manufacturer’s offering with intelligent technology, our solution reduces costs for their customers while boosting their own bottom line.