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Cloud Building Management

Making buildings and equipment run smarter

Integrate VRV and other HVAC equipment into one convenient platform to simplify access to data and unlock the intelligence in your smart equipment investments.

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Turntide Cloud Building Management helps

Unlock HVAC intelligence

Unlock the full potential of your VRV system for visibility, management, and control

Harness the power of data and the cloud

Manage your building anytime, anywhere with a single app and access the insights you need with unlimited data storage

Improve maintenance with better data

Access data and analytics you’ve never had before to enable cost-effective, proactive HVAC maintenance

Benefits for Building Operators

Building Operators

Effortlessly manage your building

  • Remotely monitor and control your equipment from a single app
  • Integrate equipment regardless of vendor or protocol
  • Identify and resolve issues faster with remote access, analytics, and alerts
  • Simplify optimization with intuitive tools for scheduling, operational rules, and setpoint management
  • Use equipment insights to verify service work has been completed
  • Decrease site visits by using insights to proactively manage equipment maintenance

Manage your building and your time more efficiently

Catch critical equipment issues early with insights and analytics

Minimize costly site visits through remote visibility and management


Effectively manage your portfolios' KPIs

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Validate repairs and maintain trust in your vendors

Case Study

Fifth Third Bank reduced energy usage by 15% saving over $500K annually

To meet their aggressive sustainability goals, Fifth Third Bank needed a building automation solution for their 300+ locations that would help them control energy costs without sacrificing customer comfort.

Turntide provided an cloud building management solution with seamless integration, a friendly user interface, and advanced analytics that helped them dramatically reduce energy costs and substantially reduce work orders.

Why work with Turntide

Equipment sales reps / Resellers

Create new demand with a more robust VRV solution

Turntide Cloud Building Management provides your customers with a robust, feature-rich VRV solution that integrates with other HVAC equipment for a holistic control solution.

  • Powerful tools for faster and easier quoting
  • Streamlined sequence of operations configuration for installation success
  • Vendor agnostic, connects any equipment to the cloud

Powerful tools to reduce service costs and improve results

The Turntide Building App helps technicians finish jobs faster
and decrease potential errors

  • Centralized remote access
  • Fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) and rule-based condition alarming
  • Remotely access historic and real-time equipment data for enhanced troubleshooting capabilities
  • Help your customers to easily request service with a single click within the app

VRV management

The Turntide Building App enables facilities managers to manage their Daikin VRV systems remotely through a web application or mobile app, helping them maximize their investment by fine-tuning the system to their exact preferences.


Increased efficiency

Optimize operations and run your building more efficiently

Single platform

Integrate VRV and other HVAC equipment into one platform

Remote management

Access equipment data to troubleshoot issues without being onsite

Faster fixes

Identify problems before they get bigger

Truly cloud-based, remote building management

 Now building and portfolio management is easier than ever with flexible, intuitive tools you can access from anywhere.

Web and mobile applications

Unlimited data

Scalable from building to entire portfolios

No complicated VPNs

Multi-tenant access

End-to-end security

Turntide Building App is intuitive and easy to use

  • Monitor and control equipment
  • Set schedules
  • Get customized diagnostic alerts
  • Manage multiple sites

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