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Turntide for Buildings

Technology for Sustainable Operations and Accelerated Growth

Turntide for Buildings is a flexible, open solution that combines our Smart Motor System™ with building controls and intelligence to drive down energy consumption and operating costs, sending savings right to your bottom line.

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Optimize resource consumption and maximize energy efficiency

Experience immediate ROI with energy-efficient equipment and get the intelligence and controls you need for continuous energy savings.


Lower costs to operate and maintain your portfolio

Centralize the management of your assets and enable remote diagnostics in order to drive down maintenance costs, reduce energy waste, and increase uptime.


Strengthen and protect your brand

Meet your sustainability goals, reduce compliance risk, provide a healthy and comfortable experience for customers, and attract top talent by being socially responsible.

Today sustainability is about more than just compliance; it’s about efficiency, growth, and business resilience.

  • Meet your net zero emissions goals
  • Lower your utility bills
  • Provide a safe and comfortable customer experience
  • Increase efficiency with remote management
  • Lower maintenance costs and extend equipment life
  • Create immediate and long-term savings

Introducing Turntide for Buildings

Wherever you are on your path to sustainable operations, our flexible drop-in solution, which works with all leading building automation platforms, can help save energy and drive more value from your existing technology investments. Unlike other solutions, Turntide attacks waste from the device to the enterprise level by bringing together optimal efficiency equipment, building controls, intelligence, and enterprise portfolio management.

Smart Motor System

  • Turntide app lets you remotely monitor and manage the motor and Optimal Efficiency Motor™ slashes energy consumption
  • Motor Controller provides algorithmic control and intelligence for HVAC monitoring sensors with alerts and share service requests

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Smart HVAC

  • Monitor and control HVAC and Smart Thermostats with BACnet integration
  • Smart notifications via text and email for smart routing, prioritization, and escalation
  • Troubleshooting tools like trends, charting, and playback features

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Smart Building Operations

  • Building equipment management including metering, lighting control, monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ), and temperature monitoring in refrigeration and coolers
  • Visibility and intelligence across your portfolio for insights at the executive, regional, and equipment level
  • Remote management and service support with intelligence, smart notifications, and alerts to prevent downtime

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Add-On Services and Integrations

  • Professional services for custom dashboards, graphics, floor plans, and reports
  • Integration to 3rd party applications and services for work order management, utility demand response programs, billing, and integration

Here are just a few of the companies using Turntide’s technology for sustainable operations


Improve energy efficiency by turning off or controlling equipment on an optimized schedule when areas are unoccupied, without sacrificing safety or productivity.

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Grocery/Big Box

Operate within extremely tight profit margins while ensuring customer comfort, complying with regulations, and meeting sustainability goals.

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K-12 Schools

Ensure the comfort, safety, and security of students and teachers with building monitoring and control systems designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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Quick Service Restaurants

Lower operating costs, meet health and safety guidelines, and provide an optimal experience for customers and employees by managing temperatures in the kitchen and dining areas and maintaining good air quality.

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Demonstrate a commitment to sustainable business practices and provide an optimal customer experience across branch locations while improving energy efficiency and reducing operating costs.

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Reduce operating costs by monitoring and controlling systems like HVAC and lighting to adjust to changes in the auto showroom and avoid peak utility rates.

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Retail Stores

Reduce operating costs, monitor air quality, and improve energy efficiency without sacrificing customer and employee comfort.

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OEM Solutions for Buildings

Are you an OEM interested in improving energy efficiency with our Smart Motor System or adding intelligence, controls, and automation to your product? We can help you design, develop, and manufacture the equipment you need to bring your next product to market faster. Our connected, intelligent equipment easily integrates with most leading BMS systems and provides insights to optimize your energy usage and operational efficiency, lowering maintenance costs and minimizing your carbon footprint.