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Turntide for Buildings

Reduce your energy costs and efficiently manage your building operations

Turntide for Buildings utilizes Turntide’s Smart  Motor System™ and building controls and automation capabilities to offer a customizable portfolio of solutions that enables you to maximize the energy performance and operational efficiency of your buildings.

HVAC Motor Retrofits


Optimize resource consumption and maximize energy efficiency

Experience immediate ROI with energy-efficient equipment and get the intelligence and controls you need for continuous energy savings.


Lower costs to operate and maintain your portfolio

Centralize the management of your assets and enable remote diagnostics in order to drive down maintenance costs, reduce energy waste, and increase uptime.


Strengthen and protect your brand

Meet your sustainability goals, reduce compliance risk, provide a healthy and comfortable experience for customers, and attract top talent by being socially responsible.

Today, sustainability is about efficiency, growth, and business resilience.

Turntide for Buildings helps you:

  • Lower your operational costs and improve profitability
  • Meet your net zero emissions goals
  • Provide a safe and comfortable customer experience
  • Increase efficiency with remote management
  • Lower maintenance costs and overhead
  • Create immediate and long-term savings

Smart Motor System

HVAC Motor Retrofits

The Smart Motor System helps customers reduce energy usage by an average of 57-64% by bringing together optimal device physics, intelligence, and control to optimize the efficiency.

We have experience delivering energy reduction solutions for a wide range of industries

Industrial Warehouses and Manufacturing

Maintain optimal environmental conditions for storage and manufacturing.  Manage the energy efficiency of your site while maintaining the comfort and safety of employees.

Grocery and Big Box Retail

Operate more profitably despite tight margins, while ensuring customer comfort, regulatory compliance, and attainment of ESG goals.

Retail Stores

Reduce operating costs, monitor air quality, and improve energy efficiency without sacrificing customer and employee comfort.

Quick Serve Restaurants

Lower operating costs, meet health and safety guidelines and provide an optimal experience for customers and employees by managing temperature and air quality in the dining areas and the kitchen.


Ensure optimal indoor air quality for students and teachers while operating on tight operational budgets, as teaching returns to the classroom full-time.


Demonstrate a commitment to sustainable business practices and provide an optimal customer experience across branch locations while improving energy efficiency and reducing operating costs.

HVAC Motor Retrofits

Retrofitting your HVAC motors with Turntide’s Smart Motor System™ can help you significantly reduce your energy use.

According to the Department of Energy:

  • 40% of energy used in commercial buildings is from HVAC equipment
  • On average, 30%+ of the energy that goes into powering HVAC is wasted

This high-impact energy conservation measure (ECM) slashes your operational costs and is one of the most effective ways to reach your decarbonization goals.

Case Study

Wilko reduced energy usage by 60%

  • 400+ store locations
  • 800 motors replaced
  • 40% total energy savings from motor retrofit
  • 20% additional savings with building automation

Case Study

Ivanhoe Cambridge saw over 35% energy savings

  • HVAC Motor Retrofit Pilot in Shopping Centers
  • 38% Increase in efficiency for the HVAC units
  • 78% Decrease in power used by the motors
  • Viable path to 2040 carbon reduction goals


Generous utility rebates cover as much as 80% of project costs in some areas.

Turntide motors qualify for incentives and utility rebates that can dramatically reduce program costs and accelerate ROI. A typical HVAC motor upgrade project will pay for itself in 1-3 years.

Learn more about the rebates available in your area.

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