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One-stop Electrification Capabilities

Turntide can reduce your time to market by bringing together electrification and drivetrain components for optimal efficiency, safety, and performance.

+ Batteries
+ Power Electronics
+ Motors

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Go to market faster and secure your leadership position


Introduce new technology and electrify your product without worrying about risk


Get optimal performance from a fully integrated electrification solution or best-in-class products


Ensure your product is safe, secure, and in compliance

A trusted electrification partner
with unparalleled experience

With over 50 years of electrification experience through our acquisition of three of the world’s most
innovative transport companies, Turntide pairs best-in-class technology with industry expertise to
deliver award-winning solutions for top brands.

Industry Solutions


Whether building forklifts or backhoes, we’ll help you electrify your vehicles and get to market quickly and easily with a fully integrated powertrain solution.

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We’ll deliver the intelligence, efficiency, and controls you need to build industry-leading vehicles, from tractors to combines, for years to come.

Trucks / Buses

We offer a range of highly reliable electrification solutions, from high-power electric traction drives to low-power pumps fans and hotel loads, to help you deliver your emissions targets.

Material Handling

We offer electrification solutions to help warehouses and distribution centers increase the productivity of their autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) by minimizing downtime and taking advantage of opportunity charging.

Performance Sports Cars

We offer proven high-performance electrification components and solutions to de-risk your vehicle electrification programs.


We provide high-performance electrification components for rail solutions to provide a path to carbon reduction.

Electrification Component Product Specifications

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Electrification Components

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We’re your partner every step of the way.


We partner with you from the initial concept stage to outline key characteristics and technical requirements.


We can support your product development, testing duty cycles and working alongside your engineering team from prototype through validation.


Our 9,000-square-foot factory is well equipped to meet your volume requirements.