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Electrification Solution eBook

Turntide offers a fully scalable electrification system made from world-class batteries, inverters, motors, and thermal components. This solution can accelerate your electrification strategy, guarantee optimal performance and safety, and secure your future leadership position. Read More

Hyperdrive Intelligent Energy Storage

As a trusted electrification partner to original equipment manufacturers around the world, our battery technology is present in a diverse range of applications, providing our customers with the right energy at the right time. Our energy storage solution fits the complex and evolving needs of many industries, including construction, agriculture, trucks and busses, rail, and aerospace. Read More

DC/DC Converters

The Turntide DC/DC Converters are suitable for all electric-powered vehicles and are designed to be fitted on-board the vehicle and connected permanently to the battery. These fully encapsulated converters deliver a stable isolated high power, low voltage DC supply for accessories such as lights, horns, and wipers. Read More