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It’s Always Earth Day For Some Of Us

Every April when Earth Day rolls we are prompted to stop and think about the environment and what we can do to protect it, but for many people at Turntide, celebrating and preserving nature is something that has become an integral part of our daily lives. 

We asked the team to share their thoughts about Earth Day and the importance of taking action to reduce one’s personal impact on the environment. We got some great tips, from major lifestyle changes, to small but important daily practices. The team also shared personal reflections about why it is important to take action and expressions of gratitude for the natural world. 

We hope these videos inspire you to take a moment and reflect on your relationship with the planet and how you can do your part to preserve it for future generations.

Every Day is Earth Day

Arun, an avid surfer, talks about his love of the ocean, leaving the world better than you found it, and his decision to change his lifestyle by moving off the grid.

3 things my family does to reduce our footprint

Eric shares how his family changed their purchasing and transportation habits and installed solar panels to do their part and reduce their footprint in the world.

It’s beautiful, and I want it to stay that way for future generations

Patti shows the natural beauty of where she lives and talks about steps she’s taking such as conserving water and not using plastics to help save the land for others to enjoy in the future.

Finding a career that makes a difference

Brian talks about making the world a better place by working for a mission-driven company and the ability to make a huge impact on climate change by helping Turntide customers become more energy efficient.

Consume less, leave more for the future

Thomas talks about his family’s love of nature and about being fortunate to work at the intersection of sustainability and corporations to help customers consume less and leave more for the future.

Now it’s time we took care of you mother nature

Jen reflects on her gratitude for how nature enhances the life of her family and urges us to make small changes because they add up.

Why is earth day important?  The animals say it better than I do.

Tracy shares a video of Cypress Swamp in the spring. Sometimes you don’t need words. The sounds of nature are a precious gift that we need to protect.

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