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Turntide accepts 2020 Product of the Year as leading ECM for commercial real estate / July 23, 2020

Maya Aharon, Turntide VP of Business Development, shares details about the breakthrough technology that secured Turntide’s award at E+EL Virtual Summit on July 21, 2020.

Judge’s quote: “Amazing multi-dimensional solutions for significant energy use reduction, conservation and systems cloud based motor management, all while not using any mined minerals. Proven with several patents, major retail chains as milestones, and proposals for farming solutions, this solution is outstanding in every way.”

Turntide Technologies (formerly Software Motor Company) has developed the world’s most efficient and intelligent electric motor system. The revolutionary Smart Motor System is based on proven switched reluctance technology, now managed with advanced cloud software and connected to precise controls via IoT.

Turntide seeks to eliminate the 25% of global electricity consumption that is wasted by legacy motors, thus accelerating the world’s transition from fossil fuels.

Turntide is based in Sunnyvale, Calif., with offices in San Francisco; Arlington, Wash.; and Kennesaw, Ga. Turntide has installed Smart Motor Systems with dozens of customers, reducing their motor electricity consumption by an average of 64%, and is powering the systems of leading OEMs.

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Performance Evaluation of Software Controlled Switched Reluctance Motors / Mar 19, 2019

The Western Cooling Efficiency Center (WCEC) and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) evaluated the potential of an emerging technology — a high rotor pole switched reluctance motor (SRM) driven by a software-controlled inverter. WCEC conducted laboratory and field testing to measure the performance of the SRM system used to control the indoor blower of a packaged rooftop unit and compared the performance to: 1) an induction motor controlled with variable frequency drive and 2) a fixed speed induction motor. NREL evaluated the constant and variable speed operation of the SRM system as a retrofit for commercial refrigeration condenser fan motors.

Learn About:

  • Technology differences between switched reluctance and induction motors
  • Performance differences measured in the laboratory and field testing for indoor blower motors
  • Retrofit options and energy savings potential for commercial refrigeration condenser fan motors

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The 800-Pound Sustainability Gorilla: 90%+ efficient HVAC using a new type of IoT-enabled electric motor / May 10, 2018

Sustainability teams know that often the biggest device using electricity in their buildings is HVAC. But until now they’ve had limited power to reduce HVAC energy consumption, resorting to expensive building retrofits that reduce demand for air conditioning.

But the days of planning around HVAC may be over. A new class of electric motor is taking the sustainability community by storm, creating reductions of up to 80% in energy usage for HVAC.

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Your HVAC is officially out of date: How the Internet Of Things is transforming America’s Aging HVAC / April 3, 2018

The wave of ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) devices has massive promise in improving the efficiency of building automation systems and changing the market dynamics for building management. But what are the specific benefits of retrofiting IoT to your HVAC?

New Internet-enabled HVACR technology is creating intelligent buildings and enabling massive gains in efficiency. In this webinar we’ll discuss how IoT can allow increased control and reduced maintenance events. We’ll present a case study showing real energy savings in HVAC using IoT. And we’ll show how IoT enables smarter buildings, without expensive building automation.

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The Incredible Thinking HVAC: How a smarter electric motor can save 30% on your energy bill / March 12, 2018

What benefit does a thinking electric motor provide in real energy savings? Grant Wheeler from the National Renewable Energy Labs (NREL) will present preliminary results from a refrigeration retrofit study involving WalMart and SMC motors. The study measured comparative efficiency of SMC motors vs. installed induction motors at WalMart stores. SMC is excited to have Grant share this independent research, originally presented at the Better Buildings Alliance Seminar earlier this year. Grant will also briefly discuss how NREL plans to utilize SMC sensing and controllers in future work.

We’ll also discuss how this new breed of ‘thinking’ electric motors enables HVAC systems to sense and respond to the worlds around it. And we’ll show how companies are implementing thinking motors to provide increased control, without expensive retrofits or building management systems.

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HVAC without the BAS: using intelligent electric motors for HVAC sensing and control / Jan 31, 2018

One of the critical issues for small and mid-size building owners is how to improve the efficiency of their HVAC systems. Building automation systems (BAS) provide significant benefits for intelligent control of HVAC, as well as power savings. But they can be expensive to install, configure and maintain.

In this webinar we outline how a revolution in electric motors gives building owners the best of both worlds: high efficiency and intelligent controllability without a BAS. By using smart motors that can be easily integrated with temperature and pressure sensors, owners can achieve precise HVAC control. And these motors have demonstrated between 20-80% energy fan savings using drop-in replacements.

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Your HVAC Costs Too Much: How Retrofitting HVAC 2.0 Can Dramatically Reduce Energy Costs that Account for 45% of Utility Bills / Nov 1, 2017

While there have been significant improvements in nearly every aspect of commercial buildings in the last 30 years, HVAC systems have remained largely unchanged. Big clunky motors and dumb control systems have resulted in massively inefficient HVAC. While these inefficiencies cost companies millions of dollars a day in wasted electricity, it’s difficult to know the best, most cost-effective way to increase HVAC efficiency and intelligence that doesn’t require significant capital investment.

In this webinar, you will learn about a new revolutionary software-controlled motor that can be easily retrofitted with existing commercial HVAC systems and delivers 20-80% energy savings out of the box. You will also learn how this smart motor can connect to your legacy building management system while enabling a new generation of sensing and control.

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Reliability Meets Efficiency: The World’s Most Efficient Electric Motor for Pharma HVAC / Oct 11, 2017

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is unique in its need for highly reliable HVAC to support clean room operations. But while the average manufacturer has hundreds of HVAC units, there has been little focus on reliability or efficiency of this critical system component. Manufacturers are struggling to maintain this aging resource while actively looking for solutions to improve sustainability and efficiency.

In this webinar, you will learn about a new type of software-controlled motor that is revolutionizing HVAC systems. The motor can be retrofitted into existing pharma HVAC installations and provides 20-80% energy savings out of the box. Learn how this smart motor can connect with pharma manufacturing systems to better maintain environmenetal clean room conditions. The motors are proven to improve reliability that minimizes costly downtime and mitigates the need to discard drugs when conditions fail to meet FDA requirements.

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HVAC 2.0: How to make your HVAC system more efficient, reliable and intelligent / Sept 13, 2017

Did you know that HVAC electric motors consume 45% of a building’s electricity and that half of this energy is wasted by inefficient motors? This webinar focuses on an multi-patented, multiple award-winning, certified motor unlike anything else on the market that is efficient, reliable and intelligent. When used for HVAC, refrigeration or pumping applications, it can reduce total annualized energy savings for that application by an average of 50%.

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