OEM Solutions

Power your systems with IoT and unprecedented efficiency

Turntide offers the most technologically advanced, OEM-grade motor system. OEMs partner with Turntide to focus on what they do best: create and sell world-class products. Turntide can customize our motors, software, and IoT design to your applications, with opportunities for white labeling to help you build brand loyalty with your customers.

Partnering with Turntide unlocks key benefits:

The World’s Best Efficiency

Testing by National Renewable Energy Labs certified that the Turntide Smart Motor System is the most efficient motor system in the world, maintaining high efficiency across speeds and loads. NREL determined that the Smart Motor System is generally 33% more efficient than a standard motor with VFD. What can it do in your application?

Unmatched Reliability

Switched reluctance motors have been used for decades in zero-fault-tolerant environments like nuclear power plants and mining applications. Its simplified design eliminates many common motor failures, and the drive technology enables the motor to run even with the loss of electrical phases. Additionally, SRMs have no shaft current, which means longer product life without costly shaft grounding or ceramic bearings.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Complementing the inherent design reliability is real-time monitoring, allowing for a variety of levels of asset management, ranging from anomaly detection in the system to preventing failure and costly downtime.

Dependable Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Our motor has neither permanent magnets nor rare earth minerals. This results in shorter lead times and less exposure to geopolitical risk.

Simpler Logistics

By maintaining efficiency at all speeds, the motors are built with horsepower flexibility. Each motor covers 32+ SKUs of AC induction motors.

Remote Equipment Monitoring

IoT capability provides critical, real-time visibility into system functions, thus helping prevent failures, 24/7/365.

IoT-Powered Intelligence

  • The motor itself can act as a sensor, using advanced analytics to detect temperature, torque, vibration, and current issues. It upgrades itself automatically via over-the-air updates.
  • The Turntide Motor Controller does more than control motors. It also receives and processes inputs from other external devices from the system. These connected components integrate with the rest of the IoT stack to provide initial intelligence.

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