VES-Artex Launches All-New Turntide Intelligent Barn™ Solution Powered by DairyBOS® - Turntide Technologies

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VES-Artex Launches All-New Turntide Intelligent Barn™ Solution Powered by DairyBOS®

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VES-Artex Launches All-New Turntide Intelligent Barn™ Solution Powered by DairyBOS®

Chippewa Falls, WI – September 9, 2021 – VES-Artex, a Turntide Technologies (“Turntide”) company focused on solutions for agriculture facilities, introduced the proprietary Turntide Intelligent Barn™ solution at the World Dairy Expo, held in Madison, WI. Built on Turntide’s technology for sustainable operations, Turntide Intelligent Barn manages ventilation, cooling, and lighting, to optimize animal health and well-being while driving profitability and operational efficiency for dairy farms around the world. 

“Turntide Intelligent Barn brings together decades of VES-Artex’s experience working with veterinarians and dairy farmers, and Turntide’s world-class building management and automation technology, to offer a 21st Century barn management solution that will make farms more productive, profitable, and easier to manage,” said Ryan Morris, chairman and CEO of Turntide Technologies. “Together we want to help dairy farms reduce costs, increase production, and achieve financial sustainability so they can continue to grow their business for the next generation.”

Dairy farming is an essential part of the world’s food supply, and barn management is becoming more complex than ever, with dairy farms navigating competing priorities including lowering operating costs, meeting health and safety guidelines, and providing an optimal environment for both animals and employees. To be successful, these businesses must also be prepared to accommodate all weather conditions, shifting work patterns, compliance issues, and sustainability goals. Having access to reliable data across all systems and facilities is critical. 

“You’re seeing the evolution of intelligent barn systems that bring together core technologies, such as cooling, lighting, ventilation, and cattle handling, with innovative connected technologies that simplify workflows, drive efficiencies and improve animal wellbeing, performance, and profitability,” says Ed Paradowski, CEO of VES-Artex. “The Turntide Intelligent Barn focuses on the animal, and the downstream benefits to production, labor, and energy savings really highlight our industry’s commitment to sustainability.  

Powered by the proprietary DairyBOS® barn operating system, Turntide Intelligent Barn combines Turntide’s Smart Motor System™ with building controls, automation, and intelligence giving dairy producers real-time control over their operation, connecting all infrastructure and equipment into one streamlined platform. This allows farm managers to be more proactive, efficient, and effective in the management of their herd.

Turntide’s Intelligent Barn solution delivers immediate benefits to each dairy business, including: 

  • Real-time barn accessibility with control and automation provides a consistent environment optimized for animal health and wellbeing. 
  • Optimal efficiency equipment – integrates ventilation, cooling, lighting, and cattle handling solutions together to achieve an optimum environment. 
  • Actionable data and alerts – delivers alerts and reports on system status, energy usage and efficiency, and potential cattle issues. 
  • Connectivity and cloud storage – provides an integrated dashboard for multiple cattle performance data streams to alert and recommend best outcomes for improved animal health and increased margins. 

“Our approach will continue to be holistic in bringing together the animal, the workforce, and each facility’s infrastructure to drive greater operational excellence and sustainability for the farm,” says Paradowski. “We’ll accomplish this through simple and intuitive technologies that integrate with much of what is already happening on the farm – we’re just doing it smarter.  

“It’s about more than a product or a service, it’s about collaboration and driving true sustainability in the industry and on each farm,” says Paradowski. “The Turntide Intelligent Barn is the first step towards a whole new way of managing dairy facilities and businesses.”  

To learn more about how Turntide is serving dairy farms, visit Turntide for Agriculture. To learn more about the Turntide Intelligent Barn, contact your local VES-Artex sales location, or visit

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