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  • June 29, 2022

Turntide Technologies Simplifies Commercial Vehicle Electrification with Suite of World-Class Battery and Powertrain Technologies

Fully scalable, end-to-end electrification system of batteries, inverters, motors and thermal components now available under one roof to accelerate zero-emissions goals

Turntide’s Hyperdrive battery system fills a critical need during global lithium-ion battery shortage

Sunnyvale, Calif. and Gateshead, England – June 29, 2022 –  Turntide Technologies, Inc. (“Turntide”), developer of breakthrough sustainability technologies, is launching Turntide Electrification, a suite of world-class battery and powertrain components made to decarbonize commercial and industrial transport segments including off-highway vehicles, autonomous guided vehicles, construction, trucks and buses, marine, and passenger rail.

While the electrification of consumer cars and trucks has received a lot of attention over the past decade, commercial and industrial vehicles are responsible for approximately 55 percent of global carbon emissions within the transport sector, presenting an opportunity to impact CO2 emissions significantly.

“As the world rushes to meet decarbonization goals, many are looking to energy-intensive industries like transportation to lead the way,” said Ryan Morris, Chairman and CEO of Turntide. “Many equipment manufacturers are committing to science-based targets to achieve a 30 percent reduction in carbon emissions of their fleets by 2030. The transition to net zero can only be made by moving away from combustion engines and converting to electric solutions.”

Last year, Turntide acquired three innovative and experienced electrification suppliers (Avid Technologies, BorgWarner Gateshead, Hyperdrive Innovation) and integrated them into the Turntide Transport business unit to streamline the electrification transition of commercial and industrial vehicles and machines. These powertrain components currently provide optimal efficiency, safety, and performance for more than 200,000 vehicles globally.

Turntide Electrification is a flexible, fully-scalable platform composed of high-efficiency powertrain components, configurable to provide solutions for a range of industries. Component systems include:

  • Hyperdrive Battery System™ – lithium-ion energy storage and management systems
  • Inverters – high-efficiency inverters with scalable power ranges
  • Motors – stackable motor system with high power and torque density for space-limited applications
  • Thermal cooling pumps and fans – lightweight, high-efficiency components for use in all environments
  • DCDC converters – high-capacity battery voltage to lower voltage for ancillary use

With more than 50 years of combined electrification experience through its acquisitions, Turntide pairs best-in-class technology with deep industry expertise to deliver award-winning solutions for top brands such as Hitachi Rail, Limach, RS Sailing, and Snorkel.

Among these brands is global construction equipment manufacturer, JCB. Known for its product innovation and commitment to sustainability, JCB launched the world’s first fully electric, plug-in to recharge, near-silent, mini excavator – the 19C-1E E-Tech – utilizing Turntide’s Hyperdrive battery system. The company also introduced additional electrified equipment with the Hyperdrive battery system including its 1TE site dumper, the HTD5E Dumpster, and a range of silent, zero emission power pack products.

“JCB is leading the way in clean technology and reducing harmful emissions, especially for urban areas, air quality sensitive environments and enclosed spaces. Our E-Tech range of products is meeting the growing demand for zero-emission, environmentally friendly construction, and agricultural equipment. Using Turntide’s Hyperdrive batteries enabled us to offer a fully electric solution with no compromise to power or performance,” said Bob Womersley, Director, Product Innovation at JCB.

Turntide partners with its customers to design, develop and manufacture electrification solutions for the unique needs of each vehicle type. From initial concepting to prototyping to validation, Turntide’s end-to-end approach reduces supply chain risks and speeds time to market by working with a single supplier.

“Using our decades of combined experience, we have the necessary knowledge to de-risk our customers’ electrification strategies,” said Chris Pennison, Senior Vice President of Turntide’s Transport business unit. “Partnering closely with our customers’ engineering teams allows us to optimize the electrification system to suit their specific performance and efficiency needs. This also allows us to deliver solutions in less time than once thought possible.”

With manufacturing plants based in the UK, Turntide’s batteries and components have fewer supply chain constraints, making them more readily available to fill immediate needs and helping customers achieve net zero goals faster.

Turntide’s vision is to scale electric vehicle powertrain solutions with minimal impact on the environment, even upstream in the supply chain. Turntide manufactures its patented switched reluctance motor (SRM) platform with none of the rare earth metals in the permanent magnet motors that dominate EVs today. One country, China, controls more than 90% of the world’s reserves of these critical minerals and producing them exacts devastating environmental costs.

“Limited supplies of rare earth metals like neodymium are significant and growing roadblocks to decarbonizing vehicles,” said Morris. “Turntide is leading the way in applying magnet-free SRMs to the built environment, and we envision this superior motor technology will accelerate the electrification of all forms of vehicles.”

Join Turntide for a three-part electrification webinar series titled, “Supercharge Your Electrification Journey” kicking off on July 19, 2022. Register here to attend.

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