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Hitachi Rail Case Study

Turntide’s Battery Solution for Hitachi Rail

Turntide Technologies partnered with Hitachi Rail to provide a high-performance battery solution for their hybrid trains. The battery pack, with a capacity of over 750kWh, enables the trains to run up to 90km on battery power and recharge while in motion. The modular design of the battery technology allows for easy retrofits of existing trains without extensive reengineering. Turntide’s expertise in battery chemistry and cell module selection ensured the battery system met the necessary demand of the trains. The partnership aims to reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality, and achieve sustainable rail journeys.

As the UK moves closer to its 2050 net zero target, the need to decarbonise the country’s transport network is ever more pressing. Reducing rail emissions and supporting net zero has long been a priority for Hitachi Rail. Cutting-edge battery technology represents one of the ways Hitachi Rail can meet its sustainability goals.

To make battery technology for the UK railways a reality, Hitachi Rail has partnered with Turntide Technologies.

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