Supermarkets have done more to conserve energy than almost any other industry. LED lighting, control systems, and higher efficiency refrigeration systems are doing their part, yet they are still one of the biggest energy users.

HVAC and Refrigeration represent over 75% of a typical food retailer’s energy costs. Until now, improving efficiency has required replacing entire systems. Turntide is helping food retailers reduce operating costs with our ultra-efficient Smart Motor Systems. Does a more intelligent motor strengthen a supermarket’s sustainability story and its bottom line? Yes and yes.

The Turntide Smart Motor System is a drop-in replacement for the outdated, inefficient induction motors that are pervasive in rooftop HVAC units (RTUs), air handlers (AHUs), and air-cooled refrigeration condensers, and are a better investment than VFDs. The Smart Motor System can not only slow blower speeds of RTUs during off-peak hours or based on occupancy, it can be programmed to control lighting and other aspects of your store. Additional RTU Failure Detection functionality provides early warning of undesirable HVAC conditions. Minimize downtime, ensure optimal air quality and comfort, and save energy with the most efficient, reliable, and intelligent motor ever made.

Smart Motor retrofits make grocery stores more profitable and sustainable

  • Significantly reduces HVAC system energy in all operating modes with compelling paybacks on capital investment
  • Maintains ASHRAE ventilation standards based on real-time conditions while minimizing fan energy use
  • Extends the life of existing HVAC systems while significantly improving their energy efficiency
  • Revitalizes existing equipment with greater efficiency and control
  • Increases efficiency in condenser fans compared to induction motors

The Smart Motor System provides future-forward efficiency and control that’s replicable across store locations. Contact us to learn more.

Why does the world need a smarter motor?

Electric motors and the systems they drive are the single largest electrical end-use, consuming twice as much as lighting.
U.S. Energy Information Administration (2011). Energy-efficiency Policy Opportunities for Electric Motor-driven Systems


  • Get 21st century RTU efficiency without replacing the whole system
  • Drop-in fan motor replacement for HVAC systems
  • Greater efficiency, serviceability, and dependability than VFDs
  • Simply designed; inherently reliable
  • Integrated control and monitoring
  • Seamlessly integrate into your Energy Management System (EMS), or or easily program your own sensor controls
  • Remote updates improve the system over time
  • Compelling return on investment

The future requires smarter buildings. The Smart Motor System is taking us there.

The Smart Motor System is a drop-in replacement for the outdated, inefficient induction motors that are pervasive in millions of HVAC systems around the world. It’s the first software-driven switched reluctance motor: the most efficient, reliable, and intelligent motor ever made.

See how it’s working

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