Supply, Return, and Exhaust Fan Retrofits

HVAC is key to the comfort and wellness of people inside a building, but it can come with a high price tag—both financially and environmentally. As the next generation EC motor, the Smart Motor System changes that. It’s an intelligent HVAC fan motor that turns any commercial rooftop AC unit into a smarter, more energy-efficient solution. It’s a motor + controller combo designed to work together for optimal performance and reliability. And unlike other EC motors, our Smart Motor System requires no rare earth metals—a fact that helps to secure its long production future.

  • Drop-in motor replacements – 1 to 20 HP
  • Programmable motor controller provides flexible configuration of up to 13 input/output points in addition to speed control of the Turntide Smart Motor
  • Monitor and track operation via Turntide Cloud Services or integrate with existing BMS systems with industry standard communications protocols
  • Remotely detect system faults like broken belts, dirty filters
  • Protect energy savings by preventing local overrides that have disabled a high percentage of existing VFD installations

Attack building energy use at the biggest point of consumption: the HVAC system. The Turntide Smart Motor System makes any RTU operate more reliably and economically.

By the Numbers


reduction in fan energy use compared to single-speed 3 HP induction motor (SCE report)


reduction in fan energy use seen with 10 HP motor retrofits at customer sites


reduction in energy use over induction motor + VFD


typical ROI


standard warranty

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