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Communicate openly and honestly

In early 2019, I made a very tough decision: to leave a very comfortable position and a very well-established company to do something I had never considered before by working for a startup. To do the hard thing, to help build something new, to stretch myself far outside of my comfort zone. From the very […]

Extreme ownership

Turntide is different than any other company I’ve encountered. Of course, helping to electrify transport was a very appealing proposition. But beyond that, I was attracted to Turntide’s belief in extreme ownership. At other companies, employees are often assigned a responsibility but not the full mandate to control his or her own work. As a […]

Include and grow individuals

When I was considering Turntide, the very bottom of the job description encouraged applicants to apply even if they didn’t check all the boxes. I’m not a cardboard cutout of the average employee—I have pink hair and face piercing—and that was my final push. I haven’t regretted it since. At Turntide, none of that matters. […]

Working for a Mission Driven Company

At the same time, there are other types of companies out there that are benefitting the planet in their own ways, whether that’s producing renewable energy or conserving wildlife around the world. What sets Turntide apart is that we’ve found a profitable and sustainable way to benefit the planet that doesn’t require any behavioral change. […]

Improve and Grow Individuals

If given the opportunity and encouragement, if I truly believe there’s room to learn and grow, then I’m going to improve myself each and every day. I’ll give more, learn more, and get better at what I do. That’s why Turntide is the perfect place for me.

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