Ben Durfee - Turntide Technologies

Working for a Mission Driven Company

At the same time, there are other types of companies out there that are benefitting the planet in their own ways, whether that’s producing renewable energy or conserving wildlife around the world. What sets Turntide apart is that we’ve found a profitable and sustainable way to benefit the planet that doesn’t require any behavioral change. We’re simply asking people to upgrade their equipment, and the rest comes automatically. That’s a realistic goal with a clear path forward.

That makes my job, selling Turntide’s technology for sustainable operations, so much easier. I’m not selling my client another shiny object. I’m selling something I believe in that can make a real impact on global energy consumption: easy-to-use, energy-efficient upgrades that benefit everyone.

And when Turntide sees an opportunity to expand that logic into new industries, it takes it. In early 2021, the company focused almost exclusively on industrial and commercial HVAC. In early 2022, we diversified to a full-stack solution providing sustainable technology for buildings, electric transport, and even agriculture. Our mission connects it all, and it connects all of us, as well.