Gustavo Bordones - Turntide Technologies

Improve and Grow Individuals

Turntide is a space to create, learn, apply, and improve both our product and ourselves. You can be yourself here. In fact, it’s encouraged and appreciated. Your value to the company is determined by your potential to transform Turntide in all areas, not just on the product side.

This concept really wowed me when I first joined the company. In previous jobs, I never felt like my ideas were taken into consideration or even noticed. No one spent the time to consider whether they could potentially improve our team’s process and, in turn, benefit the company.

But at Turntide, I was encouraged to drive improvements from the very beginning. Part of that is the start-up mentality of building everything from scratch. Another part of it is the drive to add value and profitability for a company with so much potential. But the most important part, in my opinion, is management’s willingness to pursue every good idea, regardless of where it comes from, and the company’s overall commitment to hiring people who fit that mindset.

I’m a competitive person, and I’ve learned that I’ll perform at a higher level and drive better results if I’m in this kind of environment.

If given the opportunity and encouragement, if I truly believe there’s room to learn and grow, then I’m going to improve myself each and every day. I’ll give more, learn more, and get better at what I do. That’s why Turntide is the perfect place for me.