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Cloud Building Management Manage all your buildings from a single app

Turntide's Cloud Building Management enables monitoring, fault detection, and diagnostics to improve the efficiency and health of your equipment.

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Turntide's Cloud Building Management Solution

Simplified building management with a truly open platform. Turntide Cloud Building Management offers a robust VRV control solution that utilizes the power of the cloud to provide easy access to your building and equipment data anytime, anywhere. The solution includes a subscription, the VRF Adaptor, Hub 6, and the Turntide Building App

Turntide Building App

The Turntide Building App allows remote monitoring and control of all your building and equipment

Hub 7

The Hub 7 connects building equipment to the cloud enabling access anywhere via the Turntide Building Ap

VRF Adaptor

The VRF adaptor makes outdoor and indoor VRV points accessible through the cloud

How it works with other equipment and systems

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Turntide Building App

Turntide Web and Mobile Applications make remote management of all your systems, equipment, and buildings easy and intuitive. The Turntide Building App features centralized navigation, equipment details, analytics, reporting, schedules, notifications, and user management.

Hub 7

Integrating devices and sensors, the Turntide Hub makes building management effortless, with real-time data and insights available on-demand any time, anywhere through the Turntide Building App.

Building operators can unlock a deeper layer of insights to drive operational excellence, optimize occupant health and safety, and reduce costs.

VRF Adaptor

As the perfect companion to Daikin VRV, the Turntide VRF Adapter enables building managers to get the most out of their VRV system. Unlike most VRV controller solutions available today, the Turntide VRF Adapter puts data and insights from a VRV system at your fingertips with the Turntide Building App, unlocking the ability to generate advanced reports, improved service workflows, and system data anytime, anywhere.

Data Integration: Captures all indoor and outdoor VRV points, and maps them to the cloud

Auto Discovery: Quick auto-discovery of VRV units

Easy Install: Connects F1 F2 bus directly to the Turntide Hub

Scalable: Up to 64 indoor units per adapter

High Compatibility: Can run alongside iTM; VRV3, 4, Emerion, VI, X, and legacy models are all compatible

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