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Electrified Vehicles

Our patented technologies bring together optimally efficient equipment, insights, controls, and automation to enable electrification and sustainable operations for OEM solutions and direct customers.

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Electrification and Powertrain Components

Hyperdrive™ Lithium-Ion Modular Battery Pack

Combining a high-performance lithium-ion NMC battery pack with a built-in Battery Management System (BMS), our intelligent battery systems supply vehicles with class-leading energy density and performance.

Hyperdrive Brochure

Our high energy range of battery packs include:

HY-Energy Plus Lithium-Ion Modular Battery Pack (HYP-00-2844)

HY-Energy Plus Lithium-Ion Modular Battery Pack (HYP-00-2889)

HY-Energy Plus Lithium-Ion Modular Battery Pack (HYP-00-2890)

HY-Energy Plus Lithium-Ion Modular Battery Pack (HYP-00-2972)



The Gen5 range of motor controllers utilizes a high flexibility control logic architecture to deliver a unique feature-rich set of functions that is well matched to satisfy automotive, commercial, and construction markets’ electrification needs. The range of High Voltage High Power (HVHP) controllers is specifically aimed at vehicle OEMs and system integrators to offer them a compact, lightweight, rugged, and cost-effective class-leading suite of solutions covering traction, hybridization, power generation, and sub-system electrification.

Gen5 Motor Controller – Size 9

Gen4-HVLP Inverter High Voltage Low Power Motor Controller

A new range of low-power AC motor controllers/ inverters designed primarily for ancillary control of pumps and fans on hybrid and electric buses, agricultural implements, tractors, and other high-voltage vehicles. There are two models in the range, which cover both liquid-cooled and air-cooled designs.

High Voltage Low Power Inverter


The latest isolated DC/DC converter from Sevcon is a 1200W DC/DC converter intended for use in hybrid and electric vehicles for powering low-voltage accessories. This is achieved by utilizing a high-efficiency topology. The very wide input voltage range allows the converter to be used over many different applications.

The DC/DC converter is designed to operate over a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and has many protection features such as input UVLO / OVLO, output reverse polarity protection, output overcurrent protection, and over-temperature protection. Parallel connection of multiple units with forced current sharing is also possible. A serial CAN bus is available for programming of output voltage and reporting of converter parameters. Also included is a remote power-on signal for use when no CAN communication is available. Air-cooled versions are available.

DC/DC Converters

Dragon8 AC Motor Controller

The Dragon8 sets a new standard in AC motor controller performance and reliability. The Dragon8 is compatible with a wide range of motors – Asynchronous AC Induction and Synchronous Permanent Magnet AC ( PMAC) or Brushless DC (BLDC). It can be configured to accurately drive the motor in current control mode, offering a real and precise torque control of the motor. Speed control is also available.

Dragon 8 AC Motor Controller

DC/DC Converters

The DC/DC Converters are suitable for all electric-powered vehicles and are designed to be fitted on-board the vehicle and connected permanently to the battery. These fully encapsulated converters deliver a stable isolated high power, low voltage DC supply for accessories such as  lights, horns, and wipers. This eliminates inefficient battery taps and fragile, expensive high-voltage accessories.

DC/DC Converters

EVO Axial Flux Electric Motor

This primary powertrain traction motor or generator delivers power and torque density with >95% efficiency.

  • Low cogging and low ripple torque gives a smooth, quiet operation in direct drive applications
  • Low inertia 4 x composite rotors with excellent rotor dynamic stability
  • Suitable for inverter supply voltages <800VDC
  • Designed to be driven by two inverters
  • Liquid cooling for enhanced performance, using water/glycol for simplified system integration
  • Integrated PT100 temperature sensors and sin/cos resolver compatible with most commercially available inverters
  • IP.67 environmental protection

EVO Axial Flux Electric Motor – AF440

High Flow Electric Water Pump

This variable speed control with integrated motor controller also offers diagnostics capabilities.

  • Integrated Power Electronics
  • ECE R10, CRISPR 25 certification
  • 48v and 24v available

High Flow Electric Water Pump 24V eCP80

High Flow Electric Water Pump 48V eCP80


Lightweight Electric Fan

This fan is fully reversible and environmentally sealed (IP67).

It also includes:

  • Advanced integrated motor controller
  • Best in class performance
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Voltage transient protection
  • CAN controllable and diagnostics

Sizes: 11” 10” 15”

Lightweight Electric Fan – 10″ 48V

Lightweight Electric Fan – 11″ 48V

Lightweight Electric Fan – 15″ 48V

OEM Solutions

Are you an OEM interested in improving energy efficiency with our Smart Motor System or adding intelligence, controls and automation to your product? We can help you design, develop, and manufacture the equipment you need. Our technical expertise, supply-chain predictability, and ability to easily integrate with all leading BMS systems can help you bring your next product to market faster.