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Insights, Automation, and Control

Our patented technologies bring together optimally efficient equipment, insights, controls, and automation to enable electrification and sustainable operations for OEM solutions and direct customers.

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Cloud Insights and
Controls for Buildings

Turntide Application for Cloud Insights and Controls

The Turntide application provides the analytics, workflows, and controls you need to control the Smart Motor System, Smart HVAC, and Smart Building Operations.

Turntide Application for Buildings

Turntide makes 24/7 remote management easy and intuitive by providing A logic builder for analytics, workflows, and controls to manage your buildings and equipment. Rich motor and sensor data can generate alerts, diagnostics, and share service requests with trusted providers.

Turntide App for Buildings

Turntide Application
for Intelligent Barns


DairyBOS (Dairy Barn Operating System) ties together to control and automation of ventilation, cooling, lighting, and continuous environmental feedback to optimize herd health and productivity all year long. It’s a smart barn environment designed by veterinarians to assure healthy herds in any climate.

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Turntide Edge for Automation and Connectivity

Remote Monitoring Kit

The Turntide Remote Monitoring Kit connects your Smart Motor System to the internet and also connects with industry-standard communications protocols such as BACnet/IP. The included Turntide Supervisor connects up to 10 motors and includes a full suite of control and monitoring I/O.

Turntide Technician App

Turntide Technician app enables you to commission Smart Motors with any Android or iOS mobile device for unparalleled convenience. With the app, you can modify and update a motor’s operating parameters as conditions change, even if you are not physically at the building itself.

Turntide Hub

Integrating devices and sensors, the Turntide Hub makes building management effortless, with real-time data and insights available on-demand any time, anywhere through the Turntide app. Facilities managers can unlock a deeper layer of insights to drive operational excellence, optimize occupant health and safety, and reduce costs.

Hub 6 datasheet

VRF Adapter

The VRF Adapter can manage up to 64 indoor Units.

VRF Adapter Datasheet

OEM Solutions

Are you an OEM interested in improving energy efficiency with our Smart Motor System or adding intelligence, controls and automation to your product? We can help you design, develop, and manufacture the equipment you need. Our technical expertise, supply-chain predictability, and ability to easily integrate with all leading BMS systems can help you bring your next product to market faster.