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Intelligent Barn™
Powered by DairyBOS®

A fully automated and integrated barn operating
system that helps dairy farmers optimize
animal well-being and drive operational efficiency.

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Vital Components of Intelligent Barn System

Intelligent Barn™ Powered by DairyBOS®

The Intelligent Barn powered by DairyBOS is a fully integrated barn operating system that optimizes animal-wellbeing while driving operational efficiency. Putting the environmental control at the dairy’s fingertips from any smart device or tablet.

Intelligent Barn allows dairy operations to automate and control the ventilation, lighting and cooling to create an automated, consistent, animal-centered environment. Having an automated barn improves cow comfort in real time, maximizes animal productivity, reduces illness and lameness, and has a positive impact on reproduction, saving money, recovering lost time, and giving dairies peace of mind when away from the farm. Dairies can achieve this by brining ventilation, lighting, and cooling together – even from competitors’ products – into a single system that allows you to automate, monitor and control the barn environment from the convenience of any smart device – with immediate fault alerts via text or email. Real time actionable data at your fingertips.


What is Intelligent Barn?

Intelligent Barn brings together IoT devices and sensors in the back of the barn for continuous environmental feedback and automation, optimizing animal well-being, driving operational efficiency while creating a consistent animal-centered environment all year long.

Manage the environment from a single interface. Control ventilation, lighting, cooling, curtains, and other systems anytime, anywhere. Plus, receive actionable data and alerts to make real time management decisions.

Smart Motor System TX

This slim profile motor is ideal for use in fan arrays in mission-critical cooling systems.

Engineered with Turntide’s high rotor pole switched reluctance architecture and wrapped within a slim, lightweight pancake form factor, the Turntide TX motor optimizes system performance and simplifies installation and maintenance of complex fan systems.

  • Optimal efficiency through superior device physics
  • Ultra-reliable performance across all speeds
  • Slim design to minimize motor footprint
  • Reduced bearing failure
  • Reduced weight
  • 93.2% peak motor efficiency
  • 200-1800 RPM operating range
  • Smart Motor diagnostics

Animal-Centered Ventilation and Cooling

Scientifically designed smart barn technology ventilates the animal, not just the building. See how fresh air is introduced and focused in the barn to be redistributed at the animal level.

White Paper: How Ventilation and Cooling Aid in Milk Production Recovery

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