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Turntide Technology for Sustainable Operations

Our patented technologies bring together optimally efficient equipment, insights, controls, and automation to enable electrification and sustainable operations for OEM solutions and direct customers.

Turntide Technology

Optimal Efficient Equipment for Buildings

Turntide Smart Motor System™

The Turntide Smart Motor System is a full technology stack composed of integrated hardware and software that help you drive down energy use. Turntide’s Optimal Efficiency Motor™ is designed with optimal device physics, running on patented motor control algorithms to significantly reduce utility bills, while enabling intelligent control systems.


Turntide Smart Motor

Turntide’s Optimal Efficiency Motors are based on a high rotor pole switched reluctance architecture developed over 18 years of intensive research. We’ve engineered these motors to deliver torque and reliability. Our motors currently support 1 hp to 10 hp configurations.

Data Sheets (PDF):

Smart Motor System V01 – 3HP

Smart Motor System V02 -5HP

Smart Motor System V03 – 10HP

Data sheets for IEC and Canada are also available on the Learning Hub.

Turntide Motor Controller

The Motor Controller delivers the intelligence to the Smart Motor System. Patented control algorithms monitor motor feedback to optimize for efficiency at any speed, and the Motor Controller also connects to sensors in the managed space to enable intelligent remote monitoring and control of the operating environment.

Each Turntide motor controller pairs with a corresponding Turntide motor based on its operating conditions. Refer to motor data sheets for motor controller technical specs.

Turntide Motor Controller

Turntide Supervisor

The Turntide Supervisor is used to connect multiple motors on a site and provide connectivity to Turntide’s cloud application or your BMS system. With the ability to manage up to 10 motors, it also provides continuous real-time data and enables direct control and monitoring via BACnet to Building Management System (BMS).

The Supervisor communicates with Smart Motors via a twisted pair network or 802.11 Wifi. The Turntide Supervisor provides connections for a multitude of physical I/O, and it is configurable with Turntide Cascade™ configuration software, completing a very flexible gateway product.

Supervisor Data Sheet

Remote Monitoring Kit

Edge automation kit for motor

The Turntide Remote Monitoring Kit connects your Smart Motor System to the internet, and also connects with industry-standard communications protocols such as BACnet/IP. The included Turntide Supervisor connects up to 10 motors, and includes a full suite of control and monitoring I/O.

Energy Monitoring Kit

The Turntide Energy Monitoring Kit works with the Remote Monitoring Kit to perform measurement and verification (M&V) of the energy savings benefits of the Smart Motor System.

Optimal Efficiency Equipment for Intelligent Barns


Healthy cows need fresh, cool air. VES-Artex designs animal-centered environments around the needs of the cows, not the building. Our direct drive fans pull fresh air into the structure, direct the air in waves to cow level, and then remove the dirty, heated air.

  • Positive Pressure Fan (PPF)
  • ECVAir™ Technology
  • AFR Direct Drive Fans
  • Circulating Fans


VES Long Day Lighting system maintains summer light all year long, so your cows don’t suffer the seasonal blues. By strategically placing the lamps with light sensors, they can automatically adjust based on the natural light.

  • Obay
  • High Slim
  • Ecobay
  • Polycarbonate Panels

High-pressure fogging

A high-pressure fogging system can be a critical component of a complete system or a stand-alone product to control temperature. Reducing heat stress can improve milk production, animal health, and fertility.

OEM Solutions

Are you an OEM interested in improving energy efficiency with our Smart Motor System or adding intelligence, controls and automation to your product? We can help you design, develop, and manufacture the equipment you need. Our technical expertise, supply-chain predictability, and ability to easily integrate with all leading BMS systems can help you bring your next product to market faster.