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The CARES Act is making HVAC upgrades way more affordable

Write off 100% of upgrades the year they are installed with the 2020 CARES Act

In the time of COVID-19, optimizing HVAC efficiency is key to maintaining healthy buildings without increasing energy use and cost. The cost might seem daunting, but right now is an excellent time to invest in an upgrade. That’s because the CARES Act has made it possible for businesses of any size to expense the entire cost of upgrading existing non-residential buildings. Now you can write off 100% of the depreciation of equipment in the first year, rather than over a 39-year period.

Qualifying equipment

  • HVAC (motors, sensors, valves)
  • Controls
  • Commercial refrigeration

Qualifying facilities

  • Office buildings
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Medical office buildings and hospitals
  • Retail

Contact us to learn how the CARES Act – along with utility rebates available in your area – can make modernizing your HVAC one of the easiest decisions of 2020.

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