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Agriculture FAQs

Merger FAQs

When did VES and Artex merge?

January 11, 2021

Will the products that Artex is now selling change to VES or vice versa?

No. Initially there will be no change to either company’s product lineup. As we transition, we will be assessing all products to bring the best performance and reliability to the industry.

Who will customers contact for support and sales?

Customers will continue to contact the sales or customer service person they have always contacted (for both organizations). If changes are made in the future, we will make sure that it is communicated to everyone in advance.

Will we be keeping all the current resellers?

Yes, we will initially be keeping all the current resellers. However, like VES and Artex have always done and possibly even more so now, we will continue to assess resellers to be sure we have great partners and the right partners on our new adventure together.

Will pricing be the same for Artex and VES?

No pricing changes will be made right away. When a change is made in the future, we will communicate to everyone in advance of the change.

Will VES be able to sell Artex products and will Artex sell VES products?

It is business as usual and dealers/markets and trade areas will be evaluated prior to making any changes to who sells what they do not have today. This is a delicate decision that needs to be made with respect for everyone.

Will DairyBOS work with both VES and Artex solutions?

Yes. DairyBOS will be available to all customers and can be implemented with the Artex and VES systems.

Will there be a change in sales territories and who I work with?

Initially there will not be any changes. Patrick, VP of Sales, will work with the sales team on any alignment that is needed as we merge the companies together.

Will I still work with the same affiliate/reseller?

Yes. There is no plan at this time to make any changes in the current affiliates/resellers.

Will Artex and VES continue with their current R&D projects?

All R&D that Artex and VES is doing will continue and be assessed regardless of which company is currently working it. We want to continually be developing industry leading products and technology. This is what will set us apart from our competitors.

Who is the owner of VES-Artex?

Turntide Technologies is the owner of VES-Artex. VES-Artex is focused on sustainability, and so is our parent company, Turntide Technologies. Sustainability means improved efficiencies for dairy farms. We are going to lead in this strategic opportunity for our customer. 

What does the merger mean to the dairy industry?

To the dairy industry, our merger means that there is a new type of supplier-partner for a full set of solutions, adding what we have always been good at (dairy steel, ventilation, etc.). We will be adding a whole new set of products and a new way to approach meeting the customer’s needs. Being a source of positive change is a chance of a lifetime. We will look back and say, “VES-Artex was transformative to the dairy industry”