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Webinar | Sustainable Operations

Shopping for Savings: Tips for Lowering Energy Costs and Boosting Profits for Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are facing new challenges in the face of evolving consumer appetites. In order to remain competitive in this increasingly dynamic space, they must find innovative ways to boost revenue without passing the burden on to shoppers. In this webinar, learn how grocery chains can capture substantial savings that can offset market instability by maximizing energy and operational efficiency across multiple locations.  

Key Takeaways

– The challenges facing grocery stores in 2022 and beyond

– Key data and trends on fluctuating energy costs and shipping delays

– The impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior and the rise of online shopping

– How Technology for Sustainable Operations can help you reduce energy consumption, and manage your maintenance to counteract the impacts of labor shortages and increasing labor costs

– Rebates and incentives available to facilitate your energy efficiency initiatives

Featured Speakers

Tracy Lindsey, Turntide Technologies

Tracy has over 35 years of experience with retail design, construction, equipment purchasing, and maintenance. He is a Certified Supermarket Designer with FMI. He has led supermarket, convenience store, and restaurants teams for ground up and conversion projects that received LEED Silver Certification and Chain Store Age Design Award. Tracy has been with Turntide for three years serving as Senior Sales Executive for Strategic Accounts.

Anthony Tippins, CoolSys

Anthony has over 29 years experience in refrigeration, energy , and controls. He is currently the Division President of CoolSysy professional Solutions and has previously held leadership positions at Invensys, Com-Trol, and Southeastern Grocers. He is also a founding member of two industry leading companies for energy solutions, Aztec Energy Partners and Axiom Energy Solutions.

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