BACnet Motor Gateway

Turntide BACnet Motor Gateway Data Sheet

The Turntide BACnet Motor Gateway provides a cost-effective solution to interface a Turntide smart motor to a building management system (or BMS) using BACnet protocol. A single BACnet Motor Gateway can seamlessly connect a Turntide motor to any BMS network using BACnet MS/TP or BACnet IP.

The device has been pre-configured for Turntide motors to reduce onsite programming. Onboard dip switches further simplify the device setup by allowing the configuration of the BACnet address and baud rate, as well as the selection of pre-programmed applications.

Key Features and Benefits
Connect Turntide to Your BMS System: Field selectable for BMS communications using BACnet MS/TP over RS485 or BACnet IP
No Additional Programming Required: No additional software programming needed when using the built-in application which supports the Turntide smart motor
No Computer Needed for Set-Up: Onboard dip switches for setting BACnet communication1
BTL Certified: Certified for compliance and interoperability with BACnet standards as a BACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)
Seamless Set-Up Process: On-board diagnostics allow for easy troubleshooting of both serial and Ethernet communications

  1. BACnet IP communications may require a 1 time connection to
    set the unit IP address ↩︎