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Motors in buildings are the unseen drivers of climate change. They consume about half the world’s electricity — more than lighting, heating, and electronics combined.

Much of this energy is wasted, because more than 98% of these motors are single-speed AC induction motors, designed and patented in the 1800s.

It’s time to upgrade. The Turntide Smart Motor System™ is an energy conservation measure (ECM) like no other. Our Optimal Efficiency Motor™, powered by patented switched reluctance technology, integrates with intelligent controls to attack waste at every stage.

Our customers reduce their HVAC energy consumption by an average of 64%.

And we’re just getting started.

Total kWh
of Energy Saved
The same climate impact as:
acres of new forest
keeping the fossil fuels from
T-Rexes in the ground
fewer gallons of gas

Optimal Efficiency Motors®

Turntide makes the world’s most reliable, efficient, and intelligent motor system. Unlike most clean tech products, our switched reluctance motor technology is actually less expensive to own and operate than its conventional alternative. When this revolutionary motor is combined with IoT building automation technology, the result is optimal efficiency. The Smart Motor System advances sustainability goals, saves money, and minimizes maintenance calls.

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Proven technologies

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Turntide has completely redefined HVAC system efficiency by combining two proven technologies: the switched reluctance motor and the computing technology used in smart phones and cars. The result is a motor system that consumes energy only when needed. It’s an investment that pays for itself in as little as two years, even before utility rebates. Flexible pricing is available, including zero-upfront cost models.

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Company Culture

We are a mission-driven company, powered by a passion to reduce pollution, address climate change at scale, and build a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable world. We believe in a future where any system that consumes energy is optimized to its potential. We are disrupting a $100 billion-plus industry and changing the way the world consumes energy.

We’ve brought together a team of smart, committed, and empathetic people to make it happen. Together, we are building a culture that enables people to solve problems that have never been cracked, innovate with first principles thinking, and work together to make a real impact on the world.

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