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Sustainability Is Now An Easy Business Decision

Our breakthrough technologies accelerate
vehicle electrification and sustainable operations
for energy-intensive industries.

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Turntide Technology for Sustainable Operations and Electrification

Boost your business performance and fast track your organization towards net-zero


Attack energy waste to help achieve net-zero through optimal device physics, intelligent automation, and low-risk, high-performance electrification.


Operate smarter for accelerated growth by harnessing visibility, control, and predictability across your portfolio or fleet.


Accelerate change in your industry and in the world by integrating with an ecosystem of best-in-class solutions driving sustainability, innovation, and resilience.

Industry Solutions

Vehicle Electrification

Turntide provides electrification and powertrain components that enable you to electrify your fleet faster with less risk, and higher performance and safety.

Industry Solutions

Building Retrofits

Turntide brings together energy-efficient equipment, intelligence, controls, portfolio visibility, and compliance to enable smart buildings while optimizing customer and employee health and comfort.

Industry Solutions

Strategic Machines

We help equipment manufacturers bring intelligent HVAC and pump solutions to market faster with our data-enabled motors designed for energy efficiency.

Industry Solutions


Turntide Intelligent Barn is a full end-to-end dairy farm solution that brings together hardware, software, and services to optimize the well-being of animals and farm workers and drive operational efficiency and sustainability.



Reduced energy usage by 60%

  • 400+ store locations
  • 800 motors replaced
  • 40% total energy savings from motor retrofit
  • 20% additional savings with building automation

Ivanhoe Cambridge


Over 35% Energy Savings

  • HVAC Motor Retrofit Pilot in Shopping Centers
  • 38% Increase in efficiency for the HVAC units
  • 78% Decrease in power used by the motors
  • Viable path to 2040 carbon reduction goals

Turntide Transformational Climate Impact


Kwh of energy saved as of 2021

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Has the same climate impact as:


Acres of new forest planted


Fewer gallons of gas used

Award-winning technology
& world-class investors

Partner With Us and Turn the Tide

Join the coalition integrating best-in-class sustainability solutions to optimize how the world consumes energy. Whether you are an ESCO, OEM, utility, or a reseller, our platform is creating an ecosystem with new opportunities for companies throughout the sustainability industry.

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