System Efficiency vs. Torque - V03 (10HP) at 1800 RPM Graph

HVAC Energy Conservation: A New Approach That Outperforms VFD Retrofits

Turntide Smart Motor System vs VFD Retrofits

The Turntide Smart Motor System offers a new approach to HVAC energy conservation that outperforms VFD retrofits. It provides key benefits such as improved efficiency, intelligence and monitoring capabilities, energy savings reporting, and reliability. The motor design of Turntide motors reduces the risk of winding failures found in induction motors. The user experience is also enhanced with easy commissioning and troubleshooting through the Turntide Technician mobile app. Additionally, the Turntide Smart Motor System offers a noise comparison advantage over VFD retrofits. Overall, the Turntide Smart Motor System provides a more efficient and user-friendly solution for long-term energy conservation and sustainability in HVAC systems.

The Turntide Smart Motor System™ uses high-rotor pole switched reluctance motor (HR-SRM) technology to offer unparalleled energy savings and system performance. While VFDs have become an industry standard for HVAC energy efficiency since their introduction in the 1980s, the Smart Motor System represents the latest breakthrough technology for HVAC.