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As your energy allies, we empower your journey to clean energy with an end-to-end partnership on the path forward to mutual success.

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A path to efficient energy

Partnering with Turntide for energy saving opportunities can help you grow your business and become a strategic sustainability partner to your customers. Whether you are a distributor, VAR, ESCO, or installation partner, our robust Channel Partner Program gives you the tools and support you need to succeed.

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Data File Cash

Lowers operational costs and improves profitability

Renewable Energy Accumulator

Helps companies meet their net zero emissions goals

Maintenance Tool

Lowers maintenance and overhead costs

Calendar Cash

Creates immediate and long-term savings

Interested in becoming a Turntide reseller?

Our Channel Partner Program can help you grow your revenue and enhance your profitability with a motor solution that complements your existing business and expertise.

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Installation Partners

To provide the best possible service to customers, we have created a worldwide network of installation partners with extensive mechanical and electrical HVAC experience. Certified installation partners are trained by Turntide and supported by our technical team to ensure success.

Benefits of working with Turntide

  • New revenue streams that complement your current business
  • Easy remote monitoring and commissioning with the Turntide Technician App
  • Quick and easy to access training and technical support with Turntide Academy
  • Recognition as a go-to sustainability partner for your customers

Qualifications and requirements

  • Experience installing and servicing commercial HVAC
  • Completion of Turntide’s installation certification course
  • Successful prior installs of Turntide’s Smart Motor System
  • Understanding of local codes and standards
Rooftop of mall with Turntide motors


As a Turntide reseller, you will be well-positioned for the next big wave in energy conservation as buildings race to reduce their carbon footprint. We provide partners with prospecting tools to simplify the sales process, attractive pricing, and the marketing and technical support to ensure success.

Benefits of working with Turntide

  • Discounted channel pricing
  • Incentive programs
  • Deal registration to protect your leads
  • Turntide Academy for training and technical support
  • Energy rebates that can cover 80% of project costs
  • Prospecting tools to identify the best opportunities
  • Influence on future product roadmap
  • Co-marketing support and website presence
Qualifications and requirements

Value Added Distributors are responsible for stocking inventory, receiving, and fulfilling orders, and growing and maintaining VAR relationships.

  • Purchase and carry inventory
  • Support a network of resellers
  • Train and on-board new resellers

Value Added Resellers are responsible for opportunity generation and qualification, customer contracts, project management and execution.

  • Provide a network of existing customers
  • Register deals in the Partner Portal
  • Assess sites and qualify opportunities
  • Scheduling installation partners
  • Communication with end customer

Let’s work together.

Partnering with Turntide for electrification opportunities can help you grow your business and become a strategic sustainability partner to your customers.

Partner with us