Create sustainable value: it’s what Turntide’s Smart Motor System does, and it’s what we as a company strive to do, every day. We work closely with our partners to deliver efficiency projects that save energy and money for their customers right away.

But our partnership doesn’t end at the purchase order. We have a team of customer success and solutions professionals focused on successful implementation, programming, and monitoring of every motor installed.    

Turntide delivers to its partners:

  • Comprehensive onboarding
  • Installation contractor training
  • Sales support and marketing materials
  • ROI calculation tools
  • Assistance with baseline development and ROI calculation
  • Product and project support
  • Financing options
  • Utility rebate acquisition support
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting services (optional)

Turntide +


Replace the fan motors, not the whole HVAC unit, to achieve years of savings from one simple install. Integrates easily into building management systems or can stand alone with the ability to monitor, track, and report savings.

REITs/Facilities Management

Lower energy bills while maintaining building comfort. Extend the life of existing HVAC systems. Minimize operational disruptions and free up resources for tenant services and satisfaction.

System Integrators

Designed for maximum controllability, this efficient, reliable, and intelligent motor system integrates easily into larger building automation systems. Get comprehensive, systems-level data that allows for fine-tuned control. Increase energy savings in your customers’ facilities while adding to your service contract revenue.

Partner with us


After two pilots at JLL buildings, Turntide was able to immediately demonstrate its ability to lower operating costs with attractive ROI timelines. We're thrilled to work together to deploy this technology across the JLL portfolio to achieve energy efficiency savings for JLL and our clients, as well as reduce our global energy footprint.

Yishai LernerCo-CEO at JLL Spark

Legacy has grown its business by providing energy efficiency solutions that help companies save time and money. The Turntide Smart Motor System is the most innovative and intelligent motor technology we've ever seen. Our customers are using it to reduce HVAC fan energy consumption by as much as 90 percent, cut electricity bills in half, and meet their energy conservation goals.

Richard AlminiPresident & CEO, Legacy Mechanical & Energy Services, Inc.

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