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IN2 Report – Turntide Savings By Climate (2022)

As with many startups, Turntide needed assistance finding the ideal customers to sell their product. One key barrier is understanding the savings potential by climate – any one individual building is a result of thousands of potential input combinations. NREL and Turntide narrowed these thousands of combinations into a manageable scope by focusing on the three unique strategies considering 16 different U.S. climates.
This provided Turntide with high-quality data detailing the energy and cost savings for each modeled strategy. NREL determined that the best path forward to provide the specific outcome was to leverage the DOE commercial prototype building models3 for this effort. In particular, NREL and Turntide chose a retail strip-mall building model to better exploit the energy savings provided by the Turntide innovative technology.
NREL then coded models of each Turntide control strategy in the EnergyPlus runtime language and programmatically applied each strategy to the chosen DOE prototype building, ultimately creating a unique model for each climate.

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