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Rooftop Units Application Data Sheet

Turntide Smart Motor System for Energy-Efficient HVAC

Designed with a cloud-connected Optimal Efficiency Motor™, the Turntide Smart Motor System™ drastically reduces the energy consumption of RTUs with zero compromises to HVAC run conditions: saving energy, money, and the environment.

The Turntide Smart Motor System is a high-impact energy conservation measure designed to improve the efficiency of HVAC systems, specifically Rooftop Units (RTUs). By replacing legacy AC induction motors with Turntide’s patented high rotor pole switched reluctance motor and motor controller, the system reduces HVAC energy use by an average of 64%. This innovative technology offers immediate energy savings, gets smarter over time, and is compatible with various building types and motor specifications.


  • 40% energy reduction compared to baseline
  • 20% additional energy savings paired with BMS system
  • 800 Turntide Motors deployed across Wilko retail locations
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