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Site and Equipment Surveying for Turntide RTU HVAC Retrofits

Survey Questions to Set Up Your Project for Success For Rooftop Units (RTUs)

An important step in rolling out Turntide HVAC retrofits to your customers involves the evaluation and surveying of a customers’ sites and existing HVAC systems. This information enables you to determine the right Turntide solutions to specify for installation.

Turntide has embedded site and equipment surveying into the Turntide Technician mobile app. However, some of our partners may prefer to leverage other surveying tools to complete site surveys for data collection. This document provides the full list of questions that Turntide asks in the Turntide Technician app, so that partners can build in important surveying questions into their workflows.

You can use this list to build questions into your preferred surveying tool, or as a reference document when you’re preparing for a site visit or when you’re on-site.

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