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Electrification Platform

Get best-in-class, scalable components for a range of electrification solutions from a single supplier

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Turntide Electrification

Reduce complexity and supply chain risk with a complete electrification solution from a single supplier.

  • Derisk your electrification process
  • Improve efficiency, safety, and performance

Scalable electrification solutions for commercial and industrial vehicles


Get class-leading energy density and high performance with a lithium-ion NMC battery pack with an intelligent battery management system and a range of voltage and power capacities.

Key Benefits

  • Designed for rapid deployment and volume manufacture
  • Modular design provides a flexible and scalable battery solution, achieving voltage and capacity
  • High energy density provides more energy in less space
  • In-built BMS with CAN communications to enable optimized charging and operation

Key Technical Features

  • Voltage range of 48V to 630V
  • 4.97kWh to 700kW+
  • Air cooled and fan cooled
  • Energy density 164Wh/kg

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Scalable Inverters designed with a range of power and voltage levels to align with your machine electrification requirements

  • Battery voltages supported 24V to 800V
  • Power levels from 7kW to 350kW
  • Air cooled and liquid cooled
  • Power density to over 30kW/l and 32kW/kg
  • Gen 5 Inverter
    High voltage high power

    The Gen5 range of inverters uses a highly flexible control logic architecture to satisfy electrification needs within the automotive, commercial, and construction markets.

  • High voltage low power (HVLP) Inverter

    This low power AC motor controller inverter is designed primarily for ancillary control of pumps and fans on hybrid and electric buses, agricultural implements, tractors, and other high voltage vehicles.

  • Gen 4 Inverter
    Size 2,4,6

    The Gen4 range represents the latest design in compact AC Inverters. These reliable inverters are intended for on-road and off-road electric vehicles and feature the smallest size in the industry for their power capacity.

  • DC/DC Converter
    The latest isolated DCDC converter from Turntide boasts 500W output power in the same package size as existing 300W converters; this is achieved by utilizing a high efficiency topology which boasts >91% efficiency at a typical operating load of 75%.

EV Motors

The Turntide NetZero AXM Motor is a highly efficient Axial Flux motor designed to deliver
world-class performance with compact dimensions.


  • Optimized operation with Turntide inverters
  • Scalable and stackable design supports a range of power and torque configurations within a consistent design
  • Water/Glycol cooling circuits designed to be shared with the Turntide inverter


  • Up to 800V operation voltages
  • Power to 280kW
  • Power density to 5.4kW/kg

Thermal Components

Coolant pumps and variable electronic fans deliver efficient operation in hybrid or electric vehicles.


  • Proven reliability installed as standard on high profile hybrid trucks
  • Inbuild CAN J1939 communication protocols for easy integration
  • No-seal design ensures long-term reliability


  • Pumps 24V to 48V
  • 86l/min pump cooling rates
  • 48V cooling fans (10’’ and 11’’ designs)
  • Up to 3200m3 / hr fan flow rates

High flow electric
water pump 24V

  • Variable speed control with integrated motor controller
  • Diagnostics capability
  • Integrated Power Electronics
  • ECE R10, CRISPR 25 certification

Lightweight electric
fan 48V

  • Long life, brushless, sensor-less motor
  • Environmentally sealed (IP67)
  • Fully reversible
  • Advanced integrated motor controller
  • Best in class performance
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Voltage transient protection
  • CAN controllable and diagnostics

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