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Introducing Turntide Smart Motor System™

The Smart Motor System helps customers reduce energy usage by an average of 64% by bringing together superior device physics, control, and intelligence to optimize efficiency.



Smart Motor

Our patented high rotor pole switched reluctance motor with advanced device physics runs more efficiently and reliably. Available for 1-15 HP.

Motor Controller

The controller helps the variable-speed motor work at optimized efficiency across a broad range of speeds, control customized sequences of operation or application-specific functionality and protect the system from damage or failure.

The App

Turntide Technician mobile app makes evaluating, commissioning, and installing Turntide energy conservation projects easy.

High Rotor Pole
Switched Reluctance Motor (HR-SRM)


Learn How a Switched Reluctance Motor Works

See how the Turntide Smart Motor System differs from AC induction motors and permanent magnet motors and why this software-powered motor is the next big leap forward in reducing HVAC energy usage.

Why Now Is the Time for SRM


V-Series Motor

This high-efficiency motor is designed for HVAC applications within rooftop units (RTUs) and air handling units (AHUs).

  • High rotor pole switched-reluctance motor
  • Reliable
  • Exceeds IE5 across most HP
  • Standard NEMA frames
  • Standard IEC frames
  • Lubed-for-life bearings

V-Series motors currently support 1 HP to 15 HP configurations.



TX-Series Motor

This slim profile motor is ideal for use in fan arrays in mission-critical cooling systems.

  • Optimal efficiency through superior device physics
  • Ultra-reliable performance across all speeds
  • Slim design to minimize motor footprint
  • Reduced bearing failure
  • Reduced weight
  • 93.2% peak motor efficiency
  • 200-1800 RPM operating range
  • Smart Motor diagnostics

Suitable for: Data Centers, Farms, and Plant Environments

Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) vs VFD

Compared to VFDs, Turntide Smart Motor System provides better outcomes through better energy savings, kWh reduction, and user experience.

Motor Comparison

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