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Powering Intelligent Barn Systems

Turntide technology powers intelligent barn systems to optimize animal well-being, profitability, and operational efficiency for dairy farms around the world.

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Animal Well-being

Our scientifically designed systems ensure exceptional levels of animal well-being and environmental compliance

Efficient Operations

Turntide intelligent barn systems deliver intelligence, automation, and controls that optimize the efficiency of a dairy's resources, operations, and their bottom line

Maximize Production

We provide a more productive environment for the employees and animals to optimize milk production and profitability

Industry expertise and next-generation technology focused
on the needs of the animals and the future of your business

Born from our partnership with technology leader VES-Artex, our intelligent barn solution brings together a solid foundation of industry experience and understanding of the challenges faced by dairy farmers with next-generation technology, scientifically designed to improve the health, happiness, and productivity of your cows.

DairyBOS 1

Real-time barn accessibility, control, and automation providing a consistent environment optimized for animal health and well-being.

  • Integrates ventilation, cooling, lighting, and cattle handling solutions together to achieve an optimal environment
  • Provides an integrated dashboard for multiple cattle performance data streams to alert and recommend best outcomes for improved animal health and increased margins

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Intelligent Barn Solutions

Ventilation 2

Our patented technologies and wide range of fans are efficient, durable ventilation systems. Combined with our technology integration, we make it easier for you to control your environment and operate your business. From cross ventilation, tunnel ventilation, natural ventilation, and hybrid ventilation barn options, we have what you need.

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Lighting 3

Our Long Day Lighting system maintains summer light all year long. Strategically placed lights and sensors automatically adjust based on time of day, resulting in increased energy savings and milk production, limiting peak loss during early lactation.

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Cooling 4

DairyBOS analyzes your weather patterns to understand the best cooling system for your operation. An effective ventilation system and a focused cooling system create the ideal animal-centered environment by helping reduce heat stress in the animals. Our soaking and high-pressure fogging systems are low maintenance and have been designed to ensure easy installation, reducing labor costs and increasing management efficiency.

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Turntide Technology for Agriculture

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Benefits for your animals and your business


  • Higher milk yields with no peak milk lost from early lactation
  • Increase pregnancy rates and decreased embryonic death
  • Facilitate healthier birth weights
  • Minimize health challenges like mastitis and lameness
  • Increase feed efficiency
  • Fresh air at the cow level can reduce heat stress and dry bedding and reduce insects


  • Increase milk productions revenue and cashflow
  • Reduce ventilation costs
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Provide easily accessible information for real-time decisions
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Provide a more comfortable work environment for employees
  • Lower labor costs with increased efficiency

How we work with you to build your
intelligent barn solution

1. Meet with a system specialist to design the best animal-centered environment for your operation
2. We support and guide you through every step of the process ensuring successful installation
3. We validate the installation and set you up on DairyBOS

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