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Smart Buildings Partners

Join the ecosystem of best-in-class solutions optimizing how the world consumes energy. Together, we can turn the tide on climate change while innovating, improving operational efficiency, saving energy, and growing the bottom line for both you and your customers.

Built Environments Partners

Over half of the energy used by mechanical systems in buildings is being wasted. Turntide’s optimal efficiency motors and technology for sustainable operations are game-changing, reducing energy costs by as much as 64% and providing exciting new revenue opportunities for partners.

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Value-Added Resellers

Looking for an easy way to purchase Turntide products online?

Our reseller community makes it easier for customers to purchase Turntide products and find relevant services.

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Expand your product offering and create new revenue streams for your business by reselling Turntide’s Smart Motor System and Technology for Sustainable Operations, our smart building software for automation, intelligence, and control.


Want immediate energy savings without the hassle?

Energy service companies can take care of everything from equipment upgrades and maintenance to energy management for a monthly service fee.


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Looking for the next big energy conservation measure? Retrofitting HVAC RTUs with a Smart Motor System is a simple install that can deliver continuous energy savings. We’ll work with you to develop a joint solution to maximize rebate value for customers and show proof of savings with our sustainable operations monitoring and dashboards.


Interested in integrating Turntide technology in your product? 

We’ve worked with partners like Daikin to add connected intelligence and control to improve the efficiency of their products.


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Learn how we can work with your team to provide automation, intelligence, reliability, and increased efficiency to your motor-driven solutions and help your customers achieve their sustainability goals.

Installation Partners

Looking for an HVAC service provider or installer?

Our trusted installation partners can get you up and running quickly and provide programming assistance and on-going support for your HVAC needs.

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Add new revenue streams to your business and help your customers increase their energy savings with Smart Motor System, Smart HVAC, and Smart Building Operations.