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V-Series Motor

Turntide’s V-Series motors set the new standard for high efficiency in HVAC systems, exceeding IE5 efficiency levels across most operating points, proving to be an excellent option for retrofitting your existing HVAC systems. Built with Turntide’s patented high rotor pole-switched reluctance motor (HR-SRM) topology, V-Series motors are engineered to replace inefficient motors found in legacy rooftop units (RTUs) and air handling units (AHUs), helping businesses run HVAC systems on significantly reduced energy, saving money while reducing carbon footprint.

  • Reaches 94.7% peak motor efficiency (at 15hp), exceeding IE5-level efficiency standards
  • Built to industry dimension standards found in legacy motor technologies, such as NEMA and IEC frame sizes
  • Concentrated machine wound windings reduce losses and eliminates the potential for shorts, a common problem found in AC induction motors
  • Contains no rare earth magnets typically designed into other high-efficiency motor technologies
  • Streamlined installation, commissioning, and performance monitoring through the Turntide Technician mobile app
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