Tua Hognas - Turntide Technologies

Extreme ownership

Turntide is different than any other company I’ve encountered. Of course, helping to electrify transport was a very appealing proposition. But beyond that, I was attracted to Turntide’s belief in extreme ownership. At other companies, employees are often assigned a responsibility but not the full mandate to control his or her own work. As a result, layers of decision-makers slow down the development process.

At Turntide, you are ultimately responsible for your own work. By breaking that mold and giving ownership directly to the ones solving the problem, Turntide increases productivity and empowers individuals.

Once at Turntide, I quickly noticed something just as important but much less obvious from the outside: an inclusive environment that encourages open communication. No one is off-limits to contact, and all employees are encouraged to reach out for support, questions, and feedback. More importantly, you can safely speak out when you see an opportunity for improvement, rather than silently complaining in fear of reprisal. I believe that makes for a much more efficient company.

Considering our goal of accelerating electrification, we wouldn’t have it any other way.