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Turntide Showcases Hyperdrive Battery System at COP26 in Partnership with Hitachi Rail

For the next two weeks, the eyes of the world will be on Glasgow as world leaders come together at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties, better known as COP26.

The summit brings parties together to accelerate action toward the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Convention on Climate Change.

Building the low-carbon economy of the future requires collaboration among government, civil society, and private companies. We are very proud that our partner Hitachi Rail is showcasing Turntide’s Hyperdrive Battery System, which powers their electric trains coming to market.

Turntide created its Transport division following the acquisition of three UK-based companies — Hyperdrive Innovation, AVID Technology, and the engineering technical center of BorgWarner Gateshead. The combined technology and expertise allow us to offer one-stop electrification capabilities that deliver powertrain, intelligence, efficiency, and control to the most critical industrial and commercial vehicles.

Almost two-thirds of the UK’s 20,000-mile rail network is not electrified. Turntide’s Hyperdrive Battery System enables Hitachi to create zero-emission trains that can help close this gap. Through our work with Hitachi, a Principal Partner of COP26, Turntide delivers on our strategy to provide comprehensive electrification technologies and expertise to the transport sector that will help meet global net-zero targets. This collaboration between Turntide Technologies and Hitachi Rail further solidifies the North East region’s position as a hub for battery technology.

We share Hitachi’s commitment to supporting the decarbonization of society and tackling climate change and hope that COP26 drives an increased focus on overcoming the environmental issues we are all facing through new, innovative solutions. 

Turntide Hosts Zero Carbon Battle Bus Headed to COP26

Two weeks before COP26, we started on our road to Glasgow with a special guest to our Gateshead location in the UK: the Planet Mark Zero Carbon Battle Bus. 

On Thursday, Oct. 21, Planet Mark made the stop during their journey to COP26 via the Carbon Zero Tour, a campaign to spread net-zero carbon messages to the business community by highlighting a wide array of actions that individual businesses can take to address the climate crisis.

The following day, Planet Mark’s Jonathan Withey, Turntide’s Matt Boyle, and others met with business and council leaders to stress the importance of reaching net-zero during a free webinar broadcast live from Newcastle.

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